Traditional Baked Mooncake are ready :D

Rachel’s Traditional Baked Mooncake 月餅 are ready. All mooncake are handmade and baked instore.

The mooncake range are:

  • Double duck egg yolk in Lotus Seed Paste, 雙黃蓮蓉月饼
  • Lotus Seed Paste, 蓮蓉月饼
  • Red Bean Paste, 豆沙月饼

We also have mini mooncake filled with:

  • Lotus Seed Paste, 迷你蓮蓉月饼
  • Red Bean Paste, 迷你豆沙月饼

Snow Skin Mooncake (冰皮月餅) and mini version of Snow Skin Mooncake (迷你冰皮月餅) will be available soon.